About This Website, MedicalStatistician.com

This site aims to be an interesting resource for medical statisticians and anyone interested in medical statistics generally, including people in companies and organisations that use the services of medical statisticians.

It has three main sections:

  • News stories culled from many sources. Keep yourself up to date.
  • Articles of a more general nature, not so time-sensitive. Share opinions and gather fresh ideas.
  • Questions and Answers (Q&A). If you have a medical stats-related question, we’ll do our best to find an authoritative answer.


If you want to ask a question – ask it!

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This site is owned and administered by Michelle Hards GradStat MSc BSc, a medical statistician working for CSD Medical Research UK (click to learn more) – the London-based suppliers of anonymised primary care patient data to support medical research within the healthcare industry. The CSD Medical Research group is dedicated to providing international healthcare data and conducting epidemiological, economic and clinical studies worldwide.

To contribute material to, or to advertise on this site, contact admin@medicalstatistician.com


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