Canada needs you!

Millions of dollars are being invested to attract biomedical researchers into Canada. The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) are investing C$45.5 million to support, and therefore hope to attract, scientists working in key areas such as biomedicine, genomics, genetics, environment, natural resources and health research.

The Canadian Minister of Industry, Honourable Tony Clement, acknowledged that “the Government of Canada understands that advances in science and technology are essential to strengthen the competitiveness of Canada’s economy”. The investment will therefore provide ‘state-of-the-art’ laboratories and equipment to 312 researchers in 44 universities across Canada in order to ‘jump-start’ 251 research projects. The investment is intended to attract more researchers to the country by demonstrating that Canadian research institutions remain world class. Perhaps now is a good time to move to Canada!


Click here to read the CFI news release.

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