Launch of Health Analytics Solution Center in Dallas

IBM recently announced the launch of a Health Analytics Solution Center in Dallas, Texas. The aim for the Center is to address the demand for advanced analytics in the healthcare industry.

The Center in Dallas will employ more than 100 experts. They are to use increased computing power to collect and analyse data from healthcare with the overall aim of being able to provide information to doctors and medical staff to improve disease management, hospital quality, etc.

The launch of this Center provides an example of how well-recognised the importance of data analysis for healthcare is becoming. It also provides job opportunities for statisticians and others who work with healthcare data.

IBM is also opening six other analytics solution centres around the world – London, New York City, Washington, Berlin, Beijing and Tokyo – each with a different focus (only Dallas is focused on healthcare), which will bring the total number of professionals analysing data for IBM’s specialist centres to around 4,000 worldwide.

For further information visit the IBM press room

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