New qualification

A new statistics qualification has been created by Quintiles, a “pharmaceutical services company” (a CRO), and SAS. According to Quintiles the “pharma and biotech industries have statistical requirements that our standard certification exams don’t measure”. The new qualification will create specialists in SAS programming for evaluating clinical trial results.

They will be taught the skills necessary to organise, analyse and report clinical trial results. The program is expected to be ready by May 2009.

The introduction of training of any kind is a great thing. Especially in these times where many people have very good general skills but need more specialised ones. However, hopefully the new program will prepare the “specialists” for work in clinical trials outside of CROs or industry, and at least give some mention that there are other statistical packages available, not just SAS. 

Quintiles’ news release for this qualification can be found on their website

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