Spinning the Risk

Spinning the risk screenshot
Spinning the Risk screenshot

Everyone should have a quick play around with Spinning the Risk as it is an excellent example of how presenting risk in different ways can make things seem completely harmless or entirely life-threatening. 

On the excellent website Understanding Uncertainty, David Spiegelhalter and his team have created a wonderful tool. Spinning the Risk allows anyone to look at the different ways that health risks can be presented. At the moment it is just for the risk from bacon sandwiches and statins, but may be expanded.

Further explanation on the Understanding Uncertainty website… 

Spiegelhalter spoke passionately about Spinning the Risk at the ‘Statistical Methods and Medical Research: New Challenges for an Old Marriage’ conference at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The two-day conference was to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the MSc in Medical Statistics and it was a fantastic success. Amongst the wonderful presentations and intelligent discussions were, thankfully, a multitude of nerdy statistical jokes to lighten the mood. Unsurprisingly though, Spiegelhalter’s talk was one of the highlights and everyone should try to attend any of his future presentations.

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